The Academic / Scientific English Training / Workshop is directed to individuals – students, PhD students, scholars, universities, schools (national and international), pharmaceuticals companies, academic research institutes, journalists as well as to everyone who plans to study abroad or to study and write in English.

If you want to be a referenced author, you have to publish and present your work in English. English is the universal language of science.

Everyone who plans or wants to pursue higher education (B.A., M.A., PhD, MBA) in a college or a university where programs are taught in English or you plan to publish your research work internationally, you will need to demonstrate a certain level of Academic and Scientific English. I will help you with my own experience and observations to aquire that knowlegde.

Academic English is also very important in a more professional setting, in a business setting. I will give you very useful tips you can use while writing a business report,  scientific documents, a business contract,

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  • Academic / Scientific English vocabulary
  • Academic / Scientific drafting and writing
  • English grammar and style
  • Storytelling and Journalism
  • Presenting a research paper or a conference paper
  • Critical reading development
  • Writing an application
  • Writing an academic cv/resume
  • Publishing research results
  • Proofreading / Editing
  • Writing a call for paper
  • Reading for academic purposes
  • Discussions

For more specific instruction, you can take a preparation English language course for one of the standardized tests for English for Academic Purposes: TOEFL, GRE, ILTES. I also prepare online and in-company students for A-Levels (basic and advanced). Even if you write every day, the type of English writing necessary for academic writing is  completely different. It is not the kind of writing you might use every day, like in blogs or in emails. Academic writing has a certain structure and style that you probably will not see anywhere else.

You will need to write in academic English in universities, scientific institutions and many other places that value higher learning and thinking. This is something to consider if you plan to attend an English-language high school, college or university. It may also be important for some companies and organizations you are thinking about working for. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact – or +4915787268705.