Do you want to feel more confident about speaking English when you interact with your international customers?

Do you need to develop your vocabulary and speaking skills so that you can communicate your business ideas effectively and freely?

Do you feel nervous when you have to make a presentation or give a talk, or wish you could say more when you take part in business professional meetings that are held in English at the international level? Get prepared for the future!

I cooperate with individuals and business professionals (on a 1:1 session) who want to improve their Business English/English at Work skills as well as with companies nationally and internationally. Also, I organize workshops on communication skills (e.g. communication with tact and diplomacy, dealing with difficult people, listening to others) where you will learn effective communication practices that increase your impact. I offer exclusive corporate training courses or workshops for groups tailored to their needs. I offer a workplace training  (in-company) and virtual courses (online). In addition, I organize Lunchtime Conversation Online Class Рthis is an opportunity for you to improve your English speaking skills in an informal atmosphere. For more details, please feel free to contact me.